Paint Fanduhms

I draw fandom and fandom accessories.
Based off of this blog:

Even further back is the 3rd Doctor yelling about the dinosaur in London 

The bottom photo is actually a leaked screenshot of Deep Breath 

In case you don’t know, Groot is saying other things it just sounds like he’s telling you his name. 



send me asks so I can respond with funny comics

You’re all terrible at sending asks, I got ten oddly specific Doctor Who questions with the joke set up for them too obviously. No one asked things like: “how are you?”, what is your name?”, “do you think the bones of the Romanov family were really found or faked to create a false sense of closure for the Russian people?”.

  • Joke teller: Knock
  • Victim of joke: Who there?
  • Joke teller: it me

Super Kawaii Shrek and Fabulous Hitler doodles.

Doodles to confirm that I am not dead and posts will continue.